Throwback Jersey Inspired by the movie He Got Game released in 1998 starring NBA player Ray Allen.

Jake Shuttlesworth is serving time for the manslaughter of his wife when he is offered a deal by the governor that will grant him a reduced sentence if he can convince his son, Jesus, a prodigious young basketball player, to choose "Big State" ahead of the other colleges he is considering. Jake is temporarily released for one week to complete the task.

While Jake waits for a decision, Jesus struggles to deal with the enticements of cash and girls offered by the colleges competing for his signature. He is confused and as the movie reaches its conclusion, he feels burdened by the pressure of making the best choice, both for him and his loved ones.

Basketball Jersey
Anti-Pealing, Shrink & Wrinkle
Quick Dry
Stitched Tackle Twill Lettering
True to US standard size. Same fit as any U.S. NBA Jersey.
Sizes are unisex.

Please refer to size chart :

Small :
Chest - 21.25 inches
Length - 27.5 inches Front 29.5 inches Back
Suitable Height : 65 - 67 inches

Medium :
Chest - 22.75 inches
Length - 30.5 inches Front 33 inches Back
Suitable Height : 67 - 69 inches

Large :
Chest - 24 inches
Length - 32.5 inches Front 34.5 inches Back
Suitable Height : 69 - 72 inches

X Large :
Chest - 25.25 inches
Length - 33.5 inches Front 36 inches Back
Suitable Height : 72 - 74 inches

Available in Yellow or Black.

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